Interkommunaler Lernraum (BNE-Kompetenzzentrum)


Reaching out to and bringing ESD actors together.

Our services not only aim at local decision-makers and administrations in the 50 model municipalities. Our goal is to reach out to ESD stakeholders both within a municipality and across Germany and provide them with a networking platform. We support a diversity of stakeholders along the entire chain of education:

  • Politics and administration
  • Educational organisations
  • Civil society institutions
  • Businesses and business associations
  • Science and research

To this end, we regularly organise various event formats to give municipalities the opportunity to share experiences, as well as supra-regional congresses for ESD professionals .

Building on Germany’s National Action Plan on ESD, we also strive to work across sectors by implementing both top-down and bottom-up processes. We are active ESD advocates who address representatives at the municipal, Länder and federal level.